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This form makes available seismic bulletin data from the National Earthquake Database (NEDB) since 1985. As some parameters like focal depth are poorly known for most earthquakes, they are often specified only as nominal or default values. Before using the data, please reach us by email for additional information on the limitations of the dataset. Information for recent earthquakes (within the last year) should be considered preliminary, possibly incomplete, and subject to change. Lastly, the information for mining-related-event and blasts may not be complete.

Use of this data is subject to the END-USER AGREEMENT FOR DIGITAL DATA of the GSC. In addition, all users of this data are asked to include a citation to Earthquakes Canada in their work.

Note that all queries and data use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
The current time is 2019-02-21 16:24:28 UTC.

Longitudes in Canada should be entered as negative values.

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Searches return earthquakes from 1985 to the present. The database contains nearly 56900 earthquakes in or near Canada and nearly 14500 mining-related events, mining and construction blasts, and other induced events between 1985-2009. The search tool will time out and fail if very large sets of data are requested. If your request fails to complete, try selecting a smaller time period and/or a smaller area to search.

See also the following Open file, which contains all earthquakes from the database in or near Canada with a magnitude of 2.5 and greater for the time period of 1627 to 2008. It can be downloaded from the GeoPub website:

Seismic Hazard Earthquake Epicentre File (SHEEF) used in the fourth generation seismic hazard maps of Canada. Halchuk, S. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 6208, 2009