More strong earthquakes in Charlevoix-Kamouraska?

Numerous historical earthquakes and the annually recorded seismic activity indicate a geologically unstable situation. This fact is recognized and accounted for in the seismic zoning charts used in the National Building Code of Canada.

It can not be predicted when a large earthquake will occur. No viable method currently exists to predict the time and place of an earthquake, either in Canada, or elsewhere in the world. The approach recommended by the Geological Survey of Canada is one of prevention by organizations and individuals. Moreover, building codes help assure the protection of the public against earthquakes.

You can prepare to deal with an earthquake. As an individual you have the responsibility to know what to do before, during and after an earthquake. Before, one must be aware of the possible danger, and be prepared to face an emergency situation. The home can be made more earthquake resistant. During an earthquake, if inside a building get under a solid desk or table as protection against falling debris.

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